About GruntWorks...


GruntWorks VFX is an independent 3D Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Studio. Our New Head Office and Studio is now located in Brisbane, Queensland with our secondary Studio located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Since the company was founded in 2005 by Mark Powell, the Executive Creative Director, GruntWorks has gone from strength to strength providing outstanding and impressive solutions producing a number of animated works across a wide section of the animation industry, from architectural and product visualizations to fully animated and integrated animation for commercials, television and film.

Due to the continued success of GruntWorks VFX, the company is now expanding. The Company Head Office and primary Studio has now been re-located to Brisbane, Queensland. The Adelaide based Studio will continue to be a substantial part of the GruntWorks Studios providing support for the New Studio in Brisbane.

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Digital Production...

  CG Animation  
  Visual Effects  
  Digital Compositing  
  Motion Graphics  
  Digital Backlots  

Project Management...

  Television VFX  
  Feature Film VFX  
  Location Production  
  Production Budgets  

Digital Development...

  Logo and Identity  
  Main Titles  
  Program Packaging  
  Motion Graphics  
  Brand Integration  

Creative Design...

  Creative Direction  
  Copy Writing  
  Script Design  
  Story Boarding  

Media Production...

  SD/HD TV Format  
  Script Development  
  Video & Sound Edit  
  Web & Print  
  Quality Control