Corporate Profile


GruntWorks was initially founded and registered as a Trading Name on 5th July 2005.

The business was later registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) as GruntWorks Pty Ltd on 17th July 2008.

GruntWorks Pty Ltd is one of Australia's most progressive and dynamic Animation and Visual Fx Studios located in Brisbane, Queensland and Adelaide, South Australia.

GruntWorks was also successfully Trademarked in 2011.

Leading the GruntWorks Team is the Company Founder and Executive Creative Director, Mark Powell. Mark has over fifteen years of experience with an extensive knowledge extending across the Information Technology, Multimedia and the Animation Industry.

GruntWorks is a Team of creative, imaginative and inspirational animators and artists. Since the Studio was founded we have continued to build strong business relationships with a commitment to providing outstanding service and the highest quality animation and special effects for Television, Film, Advertising, and Gaming Industries.

The GruntWorks creative team includes not only animators and artists but a vast array of experience from different sectors of the animation and multimedia industry, enabling us to provide the flexibility to undertake diverse projects of any size and complexity.

In 2010, The GruntWorks Studio was re-located to the south of Adelaide due to a much needed expansion. As recently announced GruntWorks VFX has once again expanded operations and has opened a New Studio and re-located the Head Office to Brisbane, Queensland. Adelaide operations will continue to be a substantial part of the GruntWorks Studios providing support for the new studio in Brisbane.

For more about GruntWorks and our Services you can check out our Studio page or you can Contact Us for further information.

Digital Production...

  CG Animation  
  Visual Effects  
  Digital Compositing  
  Motion Graphics  
  Digital Backlots  

Project Management...

  Television VFX  
  Feature Film VFX  
  Location Production  
  Production Budgets  

Digital Development...

  Logo and Identity  
  Main Titles  
  Program Packaging  
  Motion Graphics  
  Brand Integration  

Creative Design...

  Creative Direction  
  Copy Writing  
  Script Design  
  Story Boarding  

Media Production...

  SD/HD TV Format  
  Script Development  
  Video & Sound Edit  
  Web & Print  
  Quality Control