Work Experience


As a general rule we are unable to offer work experience or on-the-job experience to students or people looking to explore the realms of the Animation and Visual Effects Industry. The reasons for this are varied but in short we simply do not have the time or personnel to supervise students or extra people in the studio. Since the studio was commissioned in 2008, GruntWorks VFX has quickly established a number of full time productions and unfortunately all hands are on deck to fulfill our production needs. Our production schedule is generally running at a consistent level, with the majority of tasks requiring a high degree of experience, so in short there is very little for inexperienced people to do in the studio.

So you would be happy to look around the studio and see how things work and how we go about producing animation! Well that in itself creates another set of issues, the most notable being commercial confidentiality. Our clients expect a high level of security associated with their production assets and therefore most materials carry a level of commercial sensitivity which GruntWorks VFX will not under any circumstances allow to be jeopardized.

We are constantly approached with requests for work experience, and as GruntWorks VFX is a small company, we simply can not accommodate so many requests. It may be possible in the future for us to change our policy on work experience, however at this time we are unable to accept any such requests.

We are well aware some people can be quite 'persistent' therefore as a guide, the following will not help you:

  Getting your parents or teachers to contact us on your behalf. Use your own initiative,
  Sending us multiple emails inquiring about work experience. One is generally enough!, or
  Consistently calling us. We have better things to do than answering questions about information that is available on our web site.

We do on the other hand quite frequently advertise positions available at GruntWorks VFX in our Careers Page. We will always welcome submissions of your work or applications for future positions. Please always send a Submission Release Form, available from the Careers page with any demo reels or works you would like us to take a look at.


Digital Production...

  CG Animation  
  Visual Effects  
  Digital Compositing  
  Motion Graphics  
  Digital Backlots  

Project Management...

  Television VFX  
  Feature Film VFX  
  Location Production  
  Production Budgets  

Digital Development...

  Logo and Identity  
  Main Titles  
  Program Packaging  
  Motion Graphics  
  Brand Integration  

Creative Design...

  Creative Direction  
  Copy Writing  
  Script Design  
  Story Boarding  

Media Production...

  SD/HD TV Format  
  Script Development  
  Video & Sound Edit  
  Web & Print  
  Quality Control